FIFA Announces Launch of NFT Platform in Partnership with Algorand

On Friday, FIFA, soccer’s global governing body, announced plans to launch an NFT platform, allowing fans to own and collect FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup™ moments.

“FIFA is excited to announce ‘FIFA+ Collect,’ launching on FIFA+ later this month that will provide football fans around the world with the chance to affordably own unique digital collectibles – from the greatest game moments to the most iconic FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup™ art and imagery,” said interim CEO of Algorand Sean Ford in a statement.

The news comes only a few months after @fifaworldcup originally announced its collaboration with the proof-of-steak blockchain @algorand. Many questioned the decision to go with Algorand instead of the highly popular @flowblockchain blockchain ( created by @dapper_labs ), which is home to many of the most notable sports moments, including NBA Top Shot, UFC Strike, and more.

“This exciting announcement makes FIFA collectibles available to any football fan, democratizing the ability to own a part of the FIFA World Cup. Just like sports memorabilia and stickers, this is an accessible opportunity for fans around the world to engage with their favorite players, moments, and more on new platforms,” said FIFA’s Chief Business Officer Romy Gai in a statement.

Will you be grabbing any moments from the FIFA+ collection? What are your thoughts on the decision to go with Algorand as their blockchain solution over Flow? Let us know in the comments below. 👇🏽

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