IN THE VAULT: May 19 by Elise Swopes

We are excited to announce another addition to the Blockfrens vault. “May 19” is a work highlighting Chicago’s sunrises by artist and creator Elise Swopes. @Swopes is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer best known for using her iPhone to shoot and edit her pieces, resulting in visually stunning works.

“Sunrise Art Club produces innovative and effective projects dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized individuals through education, funding, and exhibition.”

By purchasing a Sunrise NFT, you not only support the Sunrise Art Fund, which distributes 75% of sales to underrepresented artists, but you also become a member of The Sunrise Art Club, granting you access to exclusive airdrops, voting power, and VIP perks.

“In May, @ilovesunriseart launched the first Purchase Program application to begin the process of stimulating traffic for unrepresented individuals. Sunrise Art Club then curated a showcase of 30 artists at NFT NYC in June in collaboration with SUGOI and, in July, collected 9 NFTs from artists.”

The auction began on January 1 of this year and will end 365 days later on January 1, 2023. Each day a new edition is revealed and is available to bid on via the website.

We are happy to support the fund and are excited to follow along on Swopes’ journey.

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