IN THE VAULT: Bodega Drip #110 by Jah

We are excited to announce another addition to the Blockfrens Vault. Bodega Drip #110 by @artbyjah.eth from the ‘Helmet City’ collection.

Jah is a Brooklyn-born filmmaker and visual artist who has gained recognition for his captivating art style and innovative approach to storytelling. His latest NFT collection, “Helmet City,” celebrates his hometown’s hip-hop culture and futuristic worlds with a unique twist of inspiration from tokusatsu, the genre that birthed the Power Rangers.

The collection features 151 AI-generated images, each with a unique prompt written by Jah. The prompts offer a glimpse into the stories and characters behind the artwork, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in Jah’s visionary world.

Jah’s artistic style is contemporary futurism, exploring themes of digital identity, intrapersonal conflict, and future worlds through character study and evocative storytelling. His work has been exhibited in prestigious venues such as the Brooklyn Museum, SXSW, and national sawdust, and he has collaborated with renowned artists like Latashá.

But Jah’s art is not just a feast for the eyes. It is also a celebration of the diverse cultures and histories that have shaped his artistic vision. In an interview with Mass Appeal, Jah shared that his inspiration comes from his childhood in Brooklyn, where he would sneak into his uncle’s room to read comic books while listening to the sound of hip-hop and dancehall music outside. “Helmet City” is a nod to that foundation, a celebration of the city that shaped Jah’s artistic voice.

As a premier artist in the web3 space, Jah is pushing boundaries and pioneering new ways of storytelling through NFTs. The collection is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary futurism, hip-hop culture, or innovative storytelling.

Excited for the next iteration of Helmet City. 👀

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