Anadol’s “Unsupervised” Blends AI, Blockchain and MoMA’s Archives into an Immersive Artistic Experience TL;DR: MoMA recently acquired generative AI artwork “Unsupervised” by Refik Anadol, marking the museum’s first addition of a tokenized digital artwork (NFT) to its permanent collection. Supported by major donors, the acquisition highlights MoMA’s continued engagement with emerging technologies as new creative […]

New partnerships with regulated entities like Transak enable direct bank and PayPal transfers, increasing accessibility. TL;DR: MetaMask has introduced new off-ramp capabilities, enabling users to easily convert crypto holdings into fiat currency and withdraw directly to their bank accounts or PayPal balances. This enhances the self-custodial wallet’s utility and aligns with its mission of furthering […] leverages crypto incentives to build community and decentralize social media. TL;DR: The recently launched FriendTech app leverages blockchain technology built on Coinbase’s Layer-2 scaling solution ‘Base’ to facilitate unique social media experiences, allowing users to tokenize their connections providing access to ‘private-chats’. Backed by top investors like Paradigm, it has seen tremendous early growth, […]

Reboot released capabilities aimed at sustainable blockchain gaming while Pixel Vault acquired Wolf Game. TL;DR: Reboot Protocol debuted tools and features designed to facilitate sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystems using incentives like tokenized rewards and anti-cheat validation on Arbitrum’s new Nova chain. Additionally, Pixel Vault acquired perpetual rights to the popular strategic P2E blockchain-based Wolf Game. […]

The two brands join forces to bring the beloved Doodles characters to life TL;DR: Doodles has announced an upcoming collaboration with footwear giant Crocs, set to launch in August 2023. The partnership will feature Doodles-themed shoes, accessories (jibbitz), and apparel (wearables). Doodles, the popular NFT collection, revealed an exciting new collaboration with footwear giant Crocs […]