Doodles is Teaming Up With Footwear Giant Crocs on an Exciting New Collaboration

The two brands join forces to bring the beloved Doodles characters to life

TL;DR: Doodles has announced an upcoming collaboration with footwear giant Crocs, set to launch in August 2023. The partnership will feature Doodles-themed shoes, accessories (jibbitz), and apparel (wearables).

Doodles, the popular NFT collection, revealed an exciting new collaboration with footwear giant Crocs this week. The partnership, slated to debut product releases in August 2023 (this month), entails a lively lineup of shoes, wearables, and jibbitz featuring Doodles’ signature art style and whimsical characters.

Project founders and advocates have made it clear that recent focus on expanding physical product offerings and brand exposure beyond its 10,000-strong NFT collection are top priority. For Crocs, the collab allows the comfort brand to tap into Doodles’ digital native, Gen-Z, and millennial fanbase. Both brands tout playfulness, creativity, and self-expression as core values, making the partnership a natural fit. The forthcoming merch slate will immerse fans in the vibrant Doodles universe through footwear.

In addition to the Crocs partnership, Doodles is also launching a captivating retail experience with experiential chain CAMP, beginning August 19 in Chicago. The 3,500 square foot Doodles x CAMP venue will transport attendees into the magical world of Doodles through interactive exhibits, games, merchandise, and imaginative environments. Some highlights include a mushroom-filled Lost Cave, rainbow slide, alien arcade games, flower forest, and exclusive Doodles storytelling content. There will also be grown-up focused nighttime programming.

For Doodles NFT holders, the CAMP activation unlocks special perks like free entry, merch credits, and early previews. This provides utility by extending their digital assets into physical experiences. And for newcomers, it serves as an accessible, tangible gateway into Doodles’ creative universe.

The CAMP retail experience coincides with other major Doodles launches slated for August per CEO Julian Holguin. This includes new vinyl and plushie releases, apparel, and storytelling content around Doodles characters. The Crocs collaboration will integrate seamlessly into this rollout by providing another physical touchpoint for fans.

Together, these initiatives represent Doodles’ ambition to onboard new users through multifaceted real-world activations. The brand is bringing its digital native art and community to life through merchandising and immersive events that bridge the physical and digital worlds. For Doodles, integrations like Crocs and CAMP will be key to fostering lifelong fans far beyond its Web3 roots.

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