Reboot Protocol Launches Gaming Infrastructure on Arbitrum & Pixel Vault Acquires Wolf Game

Reboot released capabilities aimed at sustainable blockchain gaming while Pixel Vault acquired Wolf Game.

TL;DR: Reboot Protocol debuted tools and features designed to facilitate sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystems using incentives like tokenized rewards and anti-cheat validation on Arbitrum’s new Nova chain. Additionally, Pixel Vault acquired perpetual rights to the popular strategic P2E blockchain-based Wolf Game.

Reboot Protocol Debuts as Foundation for Participatory Gaming Economies

Reboot Protocol has officially launched with the goal of providing a decentralized infrastructure foundation to facilitate participatory economies for skill-based blockchain games. Backed by Pixel Vault, Reboot offers a suite of capabilities aiming to enable sustainable gaming ecosystems with aligned incentives between developers and players.

Reboot Protocol’s Core Features and Value Propositions

At its foundation, Reboot Protocol aims to provide the necessary blockchain infrastructure to facilitate participatory in-game economies for skill-based games. Some of its most unique features and value propositions include:

  • Proof-of-Skill tokens – Players can earn ERC-20 tokens that represent demonstrable skill achievements in games. These can be traded or cashed out.
  • Automated reward liquidity – The protocol can algorithmically generate rewards for skilled play based on factors like difficulty. This provides built-in incentive structures.
  • Interoperable NFT marketplace – The protocol proposes NFT marketplaces where in-game assets can be traded across titles. This provides monetization flexibility.
  • Anti-cheat validation – The protocol uses validators to cryptographically verify results, ensuring accuracy of rankings/leaderboards. This guards against cheating and hacking.
  • Community-based governance – Protocol changes can be voted on using the native GG token. This gives the community a voice in future developments.
  • Developer toolkits – Reboot offers toolkits and templates to lower barriers for developers creating games. This makes integration easy.

The overarching vision is providing the scaffolding and incentive designs for game developers and players to mutually benefit from sustainable participation in blockchain-powered gaming ecosystems.

Tokenomics and Distribution

Reboot Protocol has a fixed total supply of 1 billion GG tokens. The allocation of the GG supply includes:

  • 42% to the Pixel Vault community, in exchange for redeeming other tokens like POW and PUNKS
  • 10% to the Reboot Protocol treasury
  • 10% to credits and rewards
  • 7.5% to launch contributors
  • 5.5% to an admin fund
  • 11.4% to core protocol contributors
  • 8.6% to collaborators
  • 5% to Pixel Vault

A significant portion being allocated to redeem prior tokens introduces potential inflationary pressure on GG. However, distribution to the treasury, credits, and contributors also provides stability. The overall supply dynamics will depend on factors like redemption rates and participant behaviors.

Governance Structure

Governance participation relies on GG token holders, who can vote on protocol changes. However, passive holders may not participate actively in governance duties. The level of decentralization in decision-making depends on ensuring active engagement.

Sustainability of Incentives

Incentive structures are in place to reward validators, content creators, liquidity providers, and other participants. For example, gameplay validators earn fees based on activity. The sustainability of these incentive models remains theoretically unproven until implemented in the live protocol.

Wolf Game Acquisition

Pixel Vault acquired the popular strategic gaming title Wolf Game, obtaining full perpetual rights. Wolf Game is a risky P2E title where sheep and wolves compete for resources. It has generated significant traction, with over 26,000 ETH in trading volume to date.

While Wolf Game‘s existing development plans will continue in the short-term, Pixel Vault aims to eventually integrate it with Reboot Protocol for more robust experiences. Some community members have expressed decentralization concerns over centralized ownership. Pixel Vault will need to balance community participation going forward.


Reboot Protocol provides a foundation aimed at facilitating participatory gaming economies through its suite of blockchain-based features designed to incentivize sustainable engagement. The protocol’s tokenomics distribute the GG supply between Pixel Vault community members, the treasury, credits, contributors and collaborators. Governance participation relies on GG token holders voting on changes. Pixel Vault has also acquired perpetual rights to the blockchain gaming title Wolf Game. As Reboot Protocol moves forward from its launch, the coming implementations will reveal the real-world impacts of its vision and systems.

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