Ticketmaster Launches Digital Collectibles on Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain

On Wednesday, Dapper Labs announced its partnership with event ticketing giant Ticketmaster to bring digital collectibles to the flow blockchain.

In a statement, Brendan Lynch, Ticketmaster’s EVP of Enterprise & Revenue, said, “Event organizers who choose to offer fans an NFT with their ticket have a real opportunity to make this new technology relevant and relatable at scale. This is why we are partnering with Flow because their blockchain is custom-built for fan engagement and frictionless customer experiences.”

Last November, @ticketmaster partnered with Ethereum-based L2 blockchain @polygondotcom to issue virtual ticket stubs to NFL fans through the season. However, it ultimately chose @flowblockchain as its long-term blockchain solution.

According to @dapper_labs , the duo has minted more than 5 million NFTs on the flow blockchain since their debut at the Superbowl earlier this year.

Dapper Labs & the flow blockchain are known for bringing unique web3 experiences to fantasy sports such as NBA Top Shot, UFC Strike, and more. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. 👇🏽

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