‘Epic Games’ Announces the Launch of Creator Economy 2.0 and Unreal Editor for Fortnite

Epic Games, the creators of gaming giant ‘Fortnite’ just announced the launch of Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) and Creator Economy 2.0, marking a significant step forward for the future of gaming.

Unreal Editor for Fortnite is a new PC application that enables game developers and creators to design, develop, and publish games and experiences directly into Fortnite. The toolset offers a wide variety of games and experiences, ranging from highly stylized cel-shaded team combat to ultra-realistic sims, playable right inside the Fortnite you already have installed. The toolset works alongside Fortnite’s existing Creative toolset, and teams of creators can work together across PC and console to develop and test islands in real time.

To support creators building and contributing to the overall success of Fortnite, Creator Economy 2.0 has also been launched. This update includes engagement payouts to eligible island publishers, both creators, and Epic. Engagement payouts proportionally distribute 40% of the net revenue from Fortnite’s Item Shop and most real-money Fortnite purchases to all island publishers on a monthly basis.

The latest updates in Fortnite Creative have the potential to impact web3 and AI development in several ways. For instance, UEFN will allow creators to import meshes, textures, animations, and audio, which could result in more advanced and immersive 3D experiences. With the capability to write code using Verse, a new programming language, creators can build even more complex and interactive games.

Moreover, Creator Economy 2.0 enables creators to earn money for creating games players love to play, potentially leading to a new era of decentralized gaming development where creators are rewarded for their efforts. The engagement payouts will incentivize creators to focus on developing fun and engaging experiences that attract more players. Fortnite Creative allows users to build games and experiences to play with friends and publish them to millions of Fortnite players. It is an excellent opportunity for aspiring game developers and creators to showcase their talent and build a following.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 is a significant milestone for Epic Games and the gaming industry as a whole. The new updates will empower creators to build even more advanced and immersive experiences and potentially usher in a new era of decentralized gaming development.

Join the Creator Economy 2.0 and start your creator journey today by visiting the Epic Developer Community website to learn more about UEFN and how you can get started making your own games and experiences in Fortnite.

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