Doodles 2 Usher in a New Era of Personalization and Expression on the Flow Blockchain

Building on the success of the original Doodles collection, yesterday, the company announced the launch of its new initiative, ‘Doodles 2,’ built on the Flow blockchain dubbed ‘A Doodle for Everyone,’ which aims to expand the ecosystem and make the digital identity and style of Doodles accessible to everyone.

With the help of the Flow blockchain, Doodles 2 will offer a simple user experience, scalable technology, and no gas fees. This is a significant move for the project, as it aims to onboard more enthusiasts into the Doodles universe, particularly those outside the Ethereum NFT ecosystem. The new collection will be marketed as “A Doodle for Everyone” and will feature dynamic NFTs that allow for greater customization and personalization.

According to the team, starting out, Doodle holders will be able to personalize their NFT’s body, hairstyle, emotion, and wearables. This will create a new Doodles microeconomy where everyone can buy, sell, and trade wearable NFTs. With Doodles 2, users can mint a base-level Doodle, choose generic traits like skin tone and hair color, and change their looks as often as they like. In the future, new wearables collections will be released through marquee drops, featuring in-line products and collaborations with well-known artists and brands.

The Doodles team has stated that the launch of Doodles 2 is a significant step forward for the project, and they are excited to see how the community will respond to the new collection. They believe that the Flow blockchain is the perfect platform for their vision, and they are confident that the new collection will be a huge success.

We love the Doodles and are excited to see what the team does next. What are your thoughts? Was this the best move for the brand? Let us know in the comments below. 👇🏽

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