Sky Mavis Launches Blockchain-Based Game Axie Infinity: Origins Marking a First for NFTs on iOS

The NFT-Based Game is Now Accessible to Apple Users Across Select Regions in Latin America and Asia

TLDR; Axie Infinity: Origins, the innovative card-based strategy game by Sky Mavis, has taken a significant leap forward with its launch on the Apple App Store in select countries across Latin America and Asia. This move not only expands the reach of the game but also ushers in a new era of accessibility for non-fungible token (NFT) games. Furthermore, it marks the first time that Apple has agreed to make an externally-purchased NFT usable on the App Store, which could pave the way for similar developments in the future.

Axie Infinity: Origins, the globally acclaimed card-based strategy game, has made its way onto the Apple App Store. This launch is a significant step for the play-to-earn game developed by Sky Mavis, initially available on limited platforms like the Google Play store and the Mavis Hub.

The game has now opened its digital doors to iOS users in select Asian and Latin American countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The iOS version comes with an enticing feature – the ability to use non-fungible token (NFT) Axies, marking the first instance of Apple allowing externally purchased NFTs to be used on the App Store.

The Origins game, which already boasts 1.5 million installs across all platforms, provides players with free non-NFT “starter” characters. But it’s the shift toward NFT Axies that sets the game apart. The Axie community enthusiastically welcomed this new development, launching a celebratory content creation challenge to mark the milestone.

In the spirit of community and learning, the challenge encouraged players to create educational videos about the game and post reviews on the App Store. The participants stood a chance to win AXS, the native token of Axie Infinity. This educational endeavor aligns with the game’s vision of a player-owner digital nation and paves the way for welcoming a new generation of players, or ‘Lunacians,’ as they are fondly known.

The Axie Infinity: Origins launch is just one part of Sky Mavis’s broader commitment to expanding its digital ecosystem. Alongside the iOS launch, Sky Mavis has also unveiled Mavis Market, a curated NFT marketplace powered by the company’s native Ronin blockchain. This platform will host some collectibles from third-party game or dApp developers who deploy on Ronin.

Despite past setbacks, including a substantial hack last year, Axie Infinity has shown resilience and innovation in its approach. The game continues to evolve and broaden its reach, bringing more players into the fold and contributing to a more diverse and inclusive digital landscape.

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