Zora Launches ‘Nouns Builder’ a No-code Tool Designed to Help Communities Form a DAO

Today, NFT marketplace @our.zora announced the launch of its new no-code tool in collaboration with @nounsdao, designed to help communities launch their own DAO powered by on-chain NFT auctions.

The builder creates a Nouns-like DAO, also known as “Decentralized Autonomous Organization,” using its on-chain NFT auction model. It’s a no-code, open-source, and free solution.

The builder will create an Auction Contract that will act as the generation and distribution mechanism, auctioning one NFT every 24 hours, forever (or however long you’d like). 100% of auction proceeds (ETH) are automatically deposited in the DAO treasury, which is governed by the community of holders.

“We want to help bring as much creativity on-chain as possible,” said Zora co-founder Jacob Horne. “This helps communities themselves come on-chain in ways that we’ve never really seen before.”

Nouns Dao is said to be one of the most successful DAOs in the NFT space and is an excellent representation of how to build a community and form a governance protocol built to last.

Zora also launched Builder DAO, letting members govern the Nouns Builder protocol. The core team submitted a proposal to the Nouns DAO treasury today, hoping to raise 1,000 ETH (approx $1.5 million) for further development of the Nouns Builder.

This tool will allow communities to form and govern a treasury of virtually any size directly on-chain. What are your thoughts? Will you be setting up a DAO now that you can do it in only a few steps? Let us know in the comments below. 👇🏽

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