Toys R Us Plans to Launch Digital Collectibles on Solana in Partnership With Magic Eden

, the beloved toy store that closed its doors in 2018, has announced plans to partner with @MagicEdenOfficial and launch a series of digital collectibles on the @Solana blockchain.

The company, once a staple in malls across the United States, has seen a resurgence in popularity since its closure, with many consumers looking back fondly on their childhood memories of the store.

According to a statement, on December 9, the company plans to launch 10,000 NFTs of its loveable mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe. The digital collectibles will be priced at $100 and will be available exclusively on the Magic Eden marketplace.

The project’s roadmap includes plans to unlock unique experiences, including VIP access to new Toys”R”Us flagship stores, exclusive shopping events, and more one-of-a-kind experiences you can only get at Toys”R”Us.

Collectors can accumulate $GCoins, an SPL token earned by staking their digital collectibles, attending events, shopping online & in-store, playing with toys, and more.

The company is creating next-gen toy ownership with @AnybodiesNFT by using NFT, NFC, and AR technology to bring toys into games, social media, and more.

The company also plans to create a marketplace to buy, sell and trade your physical & digital toys, including unique perks such as early access to hot toys and more.

Finally, Toys”R”Us plans to launch a campaign to collaborate with your favorite NFT projects, bringing their collections to life as limited-edition physical collectible toys.

Private sales and allowlist minting have already begun, with the public sale slated for this week. What are your thoughts? Will you collect an NFT from the Toys”R”Us series? Let us know in the comments below. 👇🏽

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