Steve Aoki and 3LAU Launch New Music Supergroup Inspired by Their Cryptopunks Dubbed ‘PUNX’

World-renowned artists Steve Aoki and electric music counterpart 3LAU announce the launch of their new music supergroup dubbed ‘PUNX’ – a conceptual project inspired by the duo’s CryptoPunk NFT collections.

Though not officially labeled an NFT project, PUNX is said to be driven by community, layered storytelling, and world-class art. With the launch of @ItsThePunx@SteveAoki and @3LAU will become the first DJs to utilize the @CryptoPunks IP in this manner.

“PUNX sits at the intersection of music and Web3, drawing on Aoki and 3LAU’s collective experience,” the group announced in a statement. “Aoki and 3LAU’s shared love for bloghouse and electro music along with their passion for CryptoPunks’s pixelated cyberpunk world led them to create PUNX”.

The collaboration is an excellent example of how you can successfully use your NFT’s IP to build a brand or experience. The power of web3, community, and ownership should be significant takeaways from this partnership.

3LAU and Steve Aoki have advocated for the mainstream adoption of web3 and continue highlighting the importance of preserving artist royalties. Will you be tuning in for new music from the duo? Let us know in the comments below. 👇🏽

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