Crypto Exchange ‘Moonpay’ Hires Time Magazine’s Keith Grossman as President of Enterprise

Crypto exchange @Moonpay, known by many for onboarding some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry into the web3 space, announced today that they hired Keith Grossman as the President of Enterprise.

@KeithGrossman joined the team at @Time Magazine in 2019 after Salesforce founders Marc Benioff and his wife Lynne purchased the company for a mere $190 million.

During his stay at the legacy media company, Grossman helped Time net over $10M in profit in its first 12 months in the web3 space and donated more than $600K to non-profits.

In a tweet, Keith wrote, “In 2020, I noticed a trend too big to ignore – web3 – which provided an evolution from online “rentership” to “ownership.” At that point, I knew I needed to move from the comforts of being an “observer” to that of “participant” in this adoption.”

He went on to say, “The past 3.5+ years at TIME have been incredibly rewarding and the past 20+ months, specifically within the web3 space, have been amongst the most exciting of my life for me, personally.”

A new chapter begins; we wish you the best, Keith.

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