Solana Network Suffers Widespread Hack Draining Thousands of Hot Wallets

On Tuesday night, Solana suffered a significant hack that drained nearly 8,000 wallets. Solana marketplaces like Magic Eden quickly went to Twitter to warn users to disconnect from suspicious sites, but the attack remains unclear.

The official Solana Foundation @SolanaStatus page tweeted, “Engineers from multiple ecosystems, with the help of several security firms, are investigating drained wallets on Solana. There is no evidence hardware wallets are impacted. An exploit allowed a malicious actor to drain funds from several wallets on Solana. As of 5 AM UTC, approximately 7,767 wallets have been affected. The exploit has affected several wallets, including Slope and Phantom. Engineers are currently working with multiple security researchers and ecosystem teams to identify the root cause of the exploit, which is unknown at this time.”

The Solana ecosystem has suffered from security issues and is often hit with severe (DDOS) Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks that often bring down the entire network.

What are your thoughts? Will this cause critiques to be even more skeptical? Did you lose any funds or assets in the hack? Let us know below. 👇🏽

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