Reddit Launches New NFT Avatar Marketplace on Polygon Network

Today, Reddit announced the launch of its new NFT marketplace that allows you to purchase blockchain-based avatars for a fixed rate. No need for a crypto wallet to start – a credit or debit card will allow you to join the social networks latest venture in just a few clicks.

The limited-edition avatars, which can then be customized in the Avatar Builder, are made by independent artists who’ve partnered with Reddit. The avatars will have a “glow-like effect” in the comments sections to distinguish them from non-avatar users. There are more than 90 designs ranging in prices from $9.99 to $99.99. Reddit was sure to mention that if you purchase one of its limited-edition NFTs, you will have licensing rights to use it on and off the platform.

Reddit isn’t the first social network to experiment with digital collectibles. Twitter introduced NFT profile pics earlier this year, Meta rolled out support for NFT’s for select creators on Facebook and Instagram just a few weeks ago, and YouTube has expressed interest in the technology on multiple occasions, so we’d expect to hear from them soon.

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