Nike Launches the Our Force 1 Nft Collection: A Digital Tribute to the Iconic Air Force Sneakers

Nike is celebrating the first 50 years of its iconic brand with the Our Force 1 Collection, featuring never-before-seen digital renditions of Air Force 1 Lows from the past, present, and future. Designed for the digital generation, this collection is an homage to the creativity and versatility of the AF1.

Two OF1 Box Variants: Classic Remix and New Wave

The digital Air Force 1 creations are housed in either a Classic Remix or New Wave OF1 Box, each with its signature traits. The Classic Remix box offers a nostalgic tribute to Nike’s heritage, while the New Wave box presents a fresh take on AF1s, showcasing innovative designs that have never been seen before.

Access to the OF1 Boxes

To ensure fairness and equity in purchasing an OF1 Box, multiple entry points have been created, available on SWOOSH.NIKE via First Access and General Access sales. All .SWOOSH members will have the opportunity to purchase an OF1 virtual creation.

Airdrop 101: The OF1 Poster Collection

As a part of the Our Force 1 Collection launch, Nike will be conducting an airdrop, offering a series of four virtual OF1 Posters to the .SWOOSH community. These posters, inspired by the original Air Force 1 ad campaigns, commemorate the community’s participation in the OF1 challenge.

The airdrop consists of 106,453 OF1 Posters, granting a roughly 1 in 3 chance for community members to receive one. These posters act as mint passes, providing guaranteed access to the OF1 Collection during the First Access sale.

Who Is Eligible for the OF1 Poster Airdrop?

Priority is given to #YourForce1 challenge participants and .SWOOSH Session attendees, followed by members of Nike’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and SCI (Social Community and Impact) partnership organizations. The remaining OF1 posters will be distributed fairly and randomly to .SWOOSH members who were fully onboarded to the platform by April 12th, 2023.

A Fair and Transparent Process

A snapshot of all .SWOOSH IDs, ordered by mint time, was taken on April 12th and published to Dune Analytics for transparency. A randomly generated number was used to shuffle the order of the snapshot list, determining who would receive the airdropped posters. Poster designs are allocated randomly as well.

How to Check If You Got the Airdrop

An airdrop confirmation email will be sent to recipients from It’s important to note that any communication claiming to be related to .SWOOSH from other email addresses should be considered a scam attempt.

Waitlist and Access Codes

The waitlist for .SWOOSH is still open, with thousands of access codes being sent out daily.

Nike’s Our Force 1 Collection and the accompanying airdrop serve as an exciting opportunity for fans of the brand to engage with Nike’s digital evolution while paying tribute to the iconic Air Force 1 legacy.

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