NFT Marketplace OpenSea Rolls Out New ‘Deals’ Feature Enabling Secure Peer-to-Peer NFT Trading

Opensea releases another feature while community awaits native token

TL;DR: OpenSea launched a new “Deals” feature enabling users to directly trade NFTs. Collectors can now easily propose and accept personalized NFT swap offers with each other on OpenSea.

The leading non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea announced this week the launch of its new “Deals” feature, allowing users to directly trade their NFTs with each other in a streamlined fashion.

With Deals, OpenSea users can now create personalized trade offers by selecting up to 30 of their own NFTs and proposing them in exchange for NFTs from another user’s collection. The feature also enables adding Wrapped Ether (WETH) to “sweeten the deal.”

To initiate a deal, users simply need the recipient’s wallet address, ENS name or OpenSea username. The feature leverages OpenSea’s native Seaport protocol to facilitate trustless peer-to-peer swaps directly through the platform.

According to OpenSea, Deals aims to enhance the NFT trading experience by providing a simple way for collectors to expand their collections through direct engagement with other users. This eliminates the need for risky off-platform coordination that many traders currently rely on.

For now, only NFTs from verified collections are eligible, and gas fees are paid by the recipient if they choose to accept the deal. OpenSea fees and royalties are not currently charged on Deals swaps.

With competitors like Blur challenging its market dominance, OpenSea continues to unveil innovative features to improve the overall NFT trading experience. The new Deals functionality caters specifically to collectors looking to actively engage with peers to trade and grow their collections.

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