Mastercard Announces Web3 Music Accelerator Program to Spotlight Emerging Artists

On Friday, Mastercard announced the launch of its artist accelerator, a spotlight development program for emerging music artists built on the Polygon blockchain to help up-and-coming creators tap into the power of web3 and blockchain technologies.

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator, created as a meeting place for musicians to expand their communities, also welcomes music lovers to sit at the table. Owners of the limited-edition Mastercard Music Pass will have access to the Web3 x Music instructional materials, exclusive resources, and priceless experiences, both in the physical world and the metaverse.

“Music is a universal passion, inspiring, moving, and bringing us together; however, it can feel impossible for budding artists to break in. With the Mastercard Artist Accelerator, we are expanding access and driving connections further with cutting-edge Web3 technology,” said Raja Rajamannar (@raja_rajamannar), Mastercard’s Chief Marketing, and Communications Officer.

The program leverages Polygon’s blockchain technology, joining a host of major brands in the Polygon Portfolio. Polygon is home to thousands of decentralized apps powered by a suite of Polygon solutions, including music platforms Royal, StemsDAO, Bolera, and Mastercard.

“The Mastercard Artist Accelerator not only shows the power of brands embracing this new space but also provides tools to educate consumers on how to participate. This is an important step forward in opening up the benefits of Web3 to more people,” said Ryan Wyatt (@fwiz), CEO of Polygon Studios.

Will you be applying for the accelerator program? Signups are now open and are accessible via the link below.

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