Major Google Policy Change Allows Blockchain Gaming & Nfts on Androids Google Play Store

Embracing Innovation: Google’s Updated Policy Welcomes Blockchain and NFTs to Google Play

TL;DR: Google is updating its Google Play policy to permit blockchain-based experiences, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), within its app ecosystem. The change is intended to fuel innovation and enrich user experiences, while maintaining security and transparency. Developers are required to disclose any app or game functionalities that allow users to buy, sell, or earn tokenized digital assets. The updated policy diverges from Apple’s stricter regulations, highlighting Google’s more open-minded approach to blockchain gaming and digital assets.

Google Play, the official app store for the Android operating system, announced a major policy update that will allow developers to incorporate blockchain technology and tokenized digital assets like NFTs into their apps and games.

The policy change is a notable shift for Google Play, which had previously banned cryptocurrency mining apps and taken a restrictive stance on blockchain-based apps. Under the new guidelines, developers will be required to clearly disclose to users if their apps enable transactions involving NFTs or other blockchain-based tokens.

However, limits remain in place. Apps still must adhere to Google’s ban on real money gambling. Developers are prohibited from allowing users to wager blockchain assets for a chance to win prizes of monetary value, similar to loot boxes. And apps cannot promote or glamorize potential earnings from trading or speculation on crypto assets.

Google Play said select developers are already testing the updated policies. Reddit has partnered with Google to refine the blockchain app experience and promote transparency for users engaging with NFTs or other tokenized digital goods.

The wider rollout later this year aims to foster innovation and allow developers to reconceptualize games and apps with user-owned content and unique loyalty rewards. Google sees potential to enrich immersive experiences while also building sustainable blockchain businesses.

The Google Play policy update contrasts with a more cautious approach taken by rival Apple’s App Store. Apple strictly limits NFT functionality in apps and collects commissions on NFT sales through required in-app purchases.

While Google Play is opening the door wider to crypto apps, Apple’s restrictive policies remain unchanged for now. But Google’s move into the space may compel Apple to revisit its guidelines to remain competitive.

Developers expressed guarded optimism about Google’s embrace of blockchain apps. But significant limitations remain around gambling and restrictions on promoting crypto earnings. For NFTs and blockchain gaming to flourish, some developers say app stores must create a truly open environment.

Google’s policy evolution reflects a growing need to balance innovation with protecting users in a rapidly changing digital asset landscape. The months ahead will determine if a middle ground can satisfy builders and consumers of blockchain apps alike.

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