Ledger Launches Controversial ‘Seed Phrase Recovery Service’ Sparking Community-Wide Debate

Hardware wallet provider Ledger has found itself at the center of controversy following the introduction of its new Ledger Recover service in a recent firmware update. The subscription-based service costs $9.99 per month and offers an ID-based key recovery feature that backs up users’ seed phrases. However, introducing this service has sparked a heated debate within the cryptocurrency community due to concerns over security and privacy.

Understanding Ledger Recover

Ledger Recover aims to provide a safety net for users who misplace their seed phrases, which are critical for accessing their cryptocurrency wallets. According to Ledger’s co-founder, the recovery process involves splitting a seed phrase into three parts, or “shards.” Each shard is then distributed to a different entity: Ledger itself, Coincover (a crypto custody firm), and EscrowTech (a company that escrows codes). If a user loses access to their wallet, two of the three custodians can combine their shards to recover the wallet’s contents.

While Ledger has not explicitly detailed the exact step-by-step recovery process, it is known that the service requires users to verify their identity using a passport or a national identity card.

The Debate

The introduction of Ledger Recover has raised eyebrows in the crypto community. Critics argue that requiring users to provide personal identification, such as a passport or a national identity card, exposes them to potential security risks. This concern is particularly pronounced given Ledger’s past security issues, including a 2020 data leak that exposed the personal data of hundreds of thousands of customers.

Opponents also argue that the Ledger Recover service contradicts the principles of privacy and decentralization inherent in the crypto world. By storing shards of seed phrases and requiring personal identification, Ledger is seen by some as transitioning from a “cold” wallet (disconnected from the internet and considered more secure) to a “hot” wallet (connected to the internet and thus more vulnerable to cyber attacks).

An Alternative Approach

Despite the controversy surrounding Ledger Recover, the concept of seed phrase recovery is not being dismissed outright. An alternative recovery method, known as social recovery, has been suggested as a potentially more secure solution. This method, used by Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, involves delegating a number of trusted “guardians” who can approve the recovery of a wallet. This system removes the need for personal identification and allows users to maintain control over their wallet recovery process.


The Ledger Recover service represents an attempt to provide a solution to the problem of lost seed phrases. However, the security and privacy concerns raised by the crypto community highlight the challenges of balancing ease of use and security in this rapidly evolving field. As the conversation continues, it will be essential to consider how best to provide secure recovery solutions without compromising the core principles of the cryptocurrency world.

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