Gamestop Launches Ethereum Wallet and Teases Upcoming NFT Marketplace

Yesterday, GameStop announced the beta launch of a self custodial Ethereum wallet that will allow users to securely store, send & use ETH, NFTs & ERC20 tokens.

“The GameStop Wallet has direct Ethereum Layer 2 integration, which means you can transact on Ethereum Layer 2 and get cheaper and faster transactions than with Ethereum Layer 1 Mainnet.” The wallet is currently only available as an extension for Google Chrome and Brave, though an iPhone app is currently in the works according to the official site.

GameStop also confirmed that its upcoming NFT marketplace will become available to users in the US sometime in the second quarter of the year. News comes only a few months after GameStop announced plans to launch an NFT marketplace hoping a 100 million dollar fund would help attract developers and builders alike.

Curious to see how this plays out for the gaming giant.

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