Five Web3 New Years Resolutions

Resolution #1

I will stay up to date on the latest developments in the web3 ecosystem by reading blogs, newsletters, threads & following thought leaders on social media.

Resolution #2

I will participate in online communities and events focused on web3 and decentralized technologies to learn from others and stay connected with the my peers.

Resolution #3

I will experiment with web3 tools and technologies, such as DeFi platforms, NFTs, and dApps, to learn more about web3 and how it works.

Resolution #4

I will learn about blockchain security best practices and implement them, including using hardware wallets when possible, making sure software wallets are up to date, using strong passwords along with 2FA, and being cautious of phishing attacks.

Resolution #5

I will contribute to the web3 ecosystem by participating in open source projects, building dApps, writing articles and blog posts about web3 technologies or just spreading the word on the power of community and web3.

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