Arkham Debuts First Of Its Kind Marketplace For Intel On Any Crypto Wallet Amid Backlash

The new marketplace allows users to buy, sell and trade intelligence about crypto wallet addresses, generating concern in the crypto community.

TL;DR: Arkham Intelligence unveils a first-of-its-kind on-chain intelligence exchange platform, allowing users to monetize their skills in crypto sleuthing. Users can post and fulfill bounties to reveal information about crypto wallet addresses. Despite the company’s excitement, the launch has sparked mixed reactions, with some seeing potential benefits and others expressing concerns about privacy and decentralization.

Blockchain intelligence firm Arkham Intelligence is stepping into uncharted territory with the launch of the world’s first on-chain intelligence exchange. This groundbreaking platform will facilitate an intel-to-earn marketplace, connecting individuals interested in buying and selling intel about crypto wallet addresses.

Built on two emerging trends in the on-chain analysis space – a growing demand for detailed blockchain activity analysis and the increasing number of skilled on-chain researchers – Arkham’s Intel Exchange offers a platform for these researchers to monetize their expertise. A bounty mechanism allows individuals to post requests for on-chain information and incentivizes ‘bounty hunters’ to fulfill these requests in exchange for payment.

In the new Intel Exchange, any bought or sold intel is subject to a 90-day exclusive access period, which ensures the intelligence is not restricted indefinitely, but allows the original requester ample time to capitalize on the information. Arkham Foundation will oversee the verification of all intelligence submissions and regulate potential spam or poor-quality responses.

The marketplace plans to facilitate transactions through smart contracts, leveraging the upcoming ARKM token, which will go live on Binance Launchpad. The company anticipates the Intel Exchange will power a decentralized intel-to-earn economy, with all transactions taking place through smart contracts audited by partner Quantstamp.

While Arkham is optimistic about the innovative platform, the launch has ignited mixed reactions across Crypto Twitter. Some users laud the platform as a potential game-changer, allowing skilled researchers to monetize their years of work in on-chain analysis. However, others express concern about the potential for misuses, including incentivizing ‘doxxing’ – revealing individuals’ identities without their consent – and are uneasy about the perceived lack of decentralization.

The Intel Exchange is set to go live following the initial sale of the ARKM token. Despite the mixed reception, Arkham Intelligence is eager to observe the exchange’s influence on the on-chain intelligence economy and remains grateful for the continued support of their community.

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